Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm back

It has been a long time since I've visited here.  So long so that I've forgotten where I am in my progress of things.

O.k., just check it out and we're good.

So that illusive binding, found it.  I was sure I never made it!  Now it's too late for the intended quilt as indicated in my last blog, I put a different binding on it.  Oh well, there will just be a flannel binding on a non-flannel quilt.  Should be fine though as I have quite a few plaid quilts in the works that it will go nicely with.

Finished the baby quilt, here it is...

They seem to like it even though it is a bit big.

Let's talk a little about this quilt.  The focal fabric and the red fabric Lia and I purchased when we were in Wisconsin last September.   Love the letters as the mom is a teacher whose last name happens to be Stori, how perfect.  I had also purchased a green check but that was just to muddy.  The pattern is from the book Quilts from the Quiltmaker's Gift and it is called Puss in the corner.  I found the blue batik at Glad Creations and off I went!  As I referred to earlier, it did get a bit big, 52x64, but it works great for naps!

I've also made great progress on Baby C's quilt.  I have it all put together and the binding is on, just need to stitch down the other side.  A couple of weeks ago DH was gone fishing with Baby A then Baby B got the flu.  I needed to stay home with Baby B so made a couple of day mini-retreat and worked on Baby C's quilt.  Hopefully will have it done for after the weekend.  I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, it's just not quite as wide as I would have liked it.  Unfortunately I don't have anymore fabric to be able to add on, (maybe that's actually fortunate!)