Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Done

Finished the Prayers and Squares quilt.

Here is the final product:

As for the baby quilt, I think I may change it to the preschooler quilt.  It ended up a bit large, 52x64.  Oh well.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I give up!!!

After much thoughtful consideration, I realized that I'm not really sure if I made that binding after all.  So after cleaning out a large part of my quilting room, no binding.  Then taking time to analyze the quilt, I'm not so sure I made any.  So onward I go.  Found a blue/black flannel that will work well.  Have it sewn on and just need to sew it to the back.

In the mean time, I've been working away at the baby quilt.  Hopefully will be done with that this weekend.  That would make 2 done in the next week.  This is the exciting part.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reorganizing- Then and Now

What it looks like when you walk in
Over the years I have tried to take pictures of my quilts and other projects.  I have been relatively consistent so it is fun to look through my photos.  Tonight I was looking through my picture of a particular one and realized that there is a gap in time in the photos.  Not a gap in the photos but a gap in time.  This time gap was after the boys were born and before our addition was finished.  I love my quilting room.  Since its addition not only has my project production increased but so has my spirits.  This room has become my oasis.  Others may certainly enter my oasis but I sure limit the stuff in there.  I can sure say that there are few if any toys.  I love that I pop in there and sew for as much or as little time that I want.  Today I was in there 4 or 5 different times.  I love that the kids can pop in when they want or need something.  Today Baby C and I played a bit of bouncy ball.  Reorganization of my quilt space was such a key to my life.

The design wall and mangle

Storage wall, thanks Ikea

Entrance, iron on left, thread on right
As for my Project I worked a bit on my baby quilt. (FYI, this is on the counter of the third picture.)

For the evening I decided to empty out part of my storage in search for the missing binding.  After removing and reorganizing a large portion of projects, I gave up.  I'm second guessing whether or not I even made the missing binding.  Either way, I am moving forward.  Finding another fabric that works, I made a binding and have sewn it on one side.  Just have to sew down that back and this will be done.  (FYI, this is on the plaid quilt on the table.)  I was waiting for the call that they needed the quilt right away, so glad it didn't come.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Finishing and Ripping

Yesterday was baby quilt day.  I finished quilting the one for Lia.  It was a toughy.  Quilting stars on the inside was an easy decision.  The inner border was easy too, just a squiggly line.  Now for the outer border.  I wanted to do a sort of a large S but I just wasn't feeling it.  So I looked through a bunch of books.  Ended up with my first thought.  It worked out fine, I think.

Then I moved on to working on my baby quilt.  Cut some of it out, sewed the strips together, cut the strips to correct size, realized I was using directional fabric.  I then proceeded to rip out the 2 1/2" squares I had just put together.  Oh it will be so much better with the direction going the same way.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Recent Progress

I'm pleased to say that I have made some real progress recently.  Tuesday night I started quilting a quilt for Lia.  I went until I ran out of thread for the bobbin.  Just a little bit more left. 

So yesterday I went to the quilt shop, bought thread and fabric for a baby quilt. 

Then last night, I did nothing!

Day 4 of not finding that darn binding.

Monday, January 17, 2011

What a day

This evening I had a Prayers and Squares meeting and had a real nice time.  Prayers and Squares (from now on referred to as P&S) is a mission our church supports.  We make quilts with ties.  Then when there is a need, members of the church tie one of the ties and says a prayer for a person in need.  Tonight was my first time back in a long time.  Before I had a quilt meeting with another group on the 3rd Tuesday of the month and I didn't want to be gone 2 nights in a row so I suspended my participation in P&S.  We tied one of the quilts I had done.  When I returned home, I basted the edges and trimmed it up, all ready to sew on the binding.  So, where the heck is the binding.  I CANNOT FIND THE BINDING, UGHHHHH!!!!

In looking for the binding I found 2 more UFOs.  WOW, I have an endless number of projects.

Still haven't found that darn binding.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Today's goal was to finish the backing of the first Prayers and Squares quilt.  This was to be a bit of a challenge as I needed to to put a cross on the back and I wasn't sure exactly how I would do this.  So I figured it out, did the cross and I was quite pleased.  After laying the top over the backing and the backing, I discovered the back was too small.  Oopsie-daisy.  Immediately I knew I had a few choices.  First, rip it out and do it all over again. Second, put a border like piece around the whole thing in the same color or in a different color.  Finally, cut down the top to fit the back.

I can tell you that cutting the top was the last of the options.  For a brief second I thought about ripping but then decided to to try the other option.  I found a coordinating fabric but wasn't to sure about that.  So I went to my reliable source, my Johnag.  His thought was to use the same fabric and add it all the way around. That is what I went with.

So that's how my simple project became an oopsie.  Not a big error, just a little bit of frustration.

Next is to get it tied then bound.  Tying will take place Monday night at church then to bind.

Friday, January 14, 2011

A little quilt history

This time of year always brings me back to my marathon hospital stay.  It was 8 years ago last month that I was admitted for the 78 day stay.  I’m not exactly sure of the timing but about this time of the year I started getting “squishies” in the mail at the hospital.  I had no clue what was going on but boy was it wonderful.  Later to find out, one of the members of my quilting group suggested that members make 6” blocks in bright colors.  It was fun to get them pretty much daily.  The volunteer who delivered the mail would bound into my room and say, “Mrs. Wlazlo, you’ve got mail!”

I started showing the blocks to everyone.  One of my nurses, wish I could remember which one, suggested that we pin them to a towel and tape the towel to the wall.  By the time we were all done, we had 3 towels covered in blocks.  Boy was it ever a conversation piece.  Everyone who came into my room commented on them and wanted to know the story behind them.  I explained that I was a quilter and how my quilt group was sending them.  What a lovely experience; a sort of support that cannot be described in words. 

Fast forward 5 years, quilts finished.  Here is the final product.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Does a bad day end good if one quilted?

No Doubt!!!!

Without going into what was bad, all I will say is it started early when I replied to an email and it went to the whole company.  It was downhill from there.

Tonight I tried to keep my mood in check and stay very patient with the kids.  One does feel a bit better after the zen of quilting.

What I did tonight was finish cutting the fabric for Baby C's quilt. Yesterday I started cutting out the strips and I made a mistake, cut the strips 6" rather than 6 1/2".  Holly crap because I can't get either of the focus fabrics that I had cut out.  Oh well, now the quilt will be 60 1/2" wide rather than 66" wide.  No big deal, lucked out this time.  Actually it was much easier to cut 6" pieces. All that's left now is cutting the batting then all ready to start sewing.

Now the big question, what to work on next.  Monday is Prayers and Squares and really I want to finish the backing for that quilt, then that will be checked off.  I also can't wait too long on quilting that baby quilt for Lia or starting the baby quilt I'm working on.  I'll have to try to find when the baby shower is.

Oh my, so many projects so little time.

One of my hopes for this blog was to post a lot of pictures of the progress each day.  Not too so successful so far.

These are the fabrics for Baby C's quilt, now all cut up.  He's pretty excited about it.  I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but I made a fleece blanket for him last week, camo on one side and blaze orange on the other, and that seemed to satisfy him for a bit.  So maybe his quilt will wait for the other 3 to get done.

I think I may challenge myself to get one Prayers and Squares quilt done a month.  Now that may just be possible.  Let's see, where are top done, just need to do the backing; one on the design wall and only needs borders and backing; 3 more that the blocks are done; and finally the blocks from quilt-a-long, 7 blocks done, I think I can do 2 out of 8 blacks.  Total of 7, this just may work.  That then answers my question of what to work on next, the backing for the Prayers and Squares quilt.

So to end the day, yes, just thinking about the quilts and quilting make a bad day much better.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project List

In order to organize my thoughts, I thought I would order, in the form of a list, my quilts.  Now mind you these are not in order of importance, just happen to be what I'm working on right now.

1.  Right now, as I sit here, I'm looking at 1 row and 1 border of a Prayers and Squares quilt.  The blocks came from Lia who got them from Marcy.  The are homespun stars, 48 of them.  I will be putting them into 4 quilts.  Lia thought she would use them for Kids quilt but it works out better to use them for Prayers and Squares.

2.  Flannel plaid Prayers and Squares quilt.  This one I found at the bottom of a drawer, have no idea where it came from.  I don't recognize it and neither does Lia.  Hmmmm, a mystery.

3.  Baby C's quilt.

4. A baby quilt.

5.  Our wedding quilt.  Progress has been made on this, I cut the inner border.  Haven't put them on yet because I'm trying to use up thread on a bobbin.  I really need to get more bobbins for the Brother.

Those are on my actively working on list.  Of course I have a whole bunch more in the "coffers."

6.  Basket block from the board I was on over 10 years ago.

7.  Applique flowers

8.  Block exchange from the Strip Club who know how long ago.  My these was "All Hearts and Farm Animals."  Very uncharacteristic of me.

9.  Black and white charm squares on yellow, I think.  This will be for Prays and Squares.

10.  Fabric for pillowcases, just have to learn how to do french seams.

11.  Hand dye fabric for quilt for Michelle.

12.  Block for the New Jersey State Fair block challenge.

Well, that's all I can think of right now.  It will be interesting to see how this list changes and evolves.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

December quilt

In December I finished a quilt for my oldest son.  He is 7.  Finished it on 12-31, still in time to count it for a Fall 2010 UFO project.

A brief history of this quilt, when we were on vacation in 2009 we stopped at a quilt store in Mitchell, SD, just down the road from the Corn Palace.  In this store Baby A found a charm pack of Halloween fabric so the decision was made, a Halloween themed quilt for him.  The pattern is similar to one that I saw at Fabric town.  Right now I don't recall that pattern specifically except for that fact it was a one round courthouse step and it was made out of Civil War reproduction fabrics.  I drafted it on wrapping paper at Dave and Tammy Abbott's house.  We were there for Labor Day and I was able to sneak away to go to the quilt shop.  It was nice to use the wrapping paper as it had the cutting lines on the back that I help with diagramming the pattern.  At first I was going to use all Halloween fabric but it was way too busy.  So I put it on point on my black design wall and it was a go from there.   Referring back to an earlier post from October 15th, I finally decided to buy more backing rather than piece it, and bought truly just barely enough.  I was afraid I would need to buy more!

Remember that charm pack that was the spring board for this quilt?  It was not used in the quilt.  The blocks ended up being 6" and of course that charm pack was 5".  With the charm squares I made coasters then gave them to Michelle, a teacher, who used them for her classroom Halloween party.

Now that I've caught you up to December 31st.  I'll let you know what's coming next, next time.

Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm back

It's hard to believe its been since October 15th since I last posted.  In October I finished the Sport/Puzzle quilt for Baby B.  He is thrilled!  Here is the final product, not the best picture but I'll get a better one outside when the weather is better.

The border gave me some issues.  At first I had the sport fabric in the small squares but that was a bit much.  Some would probably say this is a bit much as it is but I like it.  The small colored squares in the border came from 5" in square of Moda Marbles that Lia so kindly bought for me when she went to Hancocks of Paducah.  Thanks Lia, I think they worked out beautifully.

I still have a bunch of scraps of the sport fabric so I think I may have the perfect pattern for a kids quilt. Oh so many ideas so little time.....