Thursday, June 11, 2015

Let's go again!

So it's been a LONG time!  I am inspires by seeing the board UFOs at my quilt meeting a couple of days ago.  So, I have decided to work work on finishing some old UFOs.  Here is the top 5 from oldest to newest, to the best of my recollection.

1.  Started 1994.  These are the board blocks we exchanged when I was president.  Boy that was a long time ago.  A couple of members of the group have passed away.  There are also a few who have moved away or are no longer quilting.  What a wonderful group of women.

2.  Started, 1996.  This is John's and my wedding quilt.  This was our guest book.  It is really fun to see the names as I quilt around them.  So many wonderful people are no longer with us.  My goal is to finish it for our 20th.
3.  Started late 1990s.  This is a Piece of Cake block of the month that I did through Glad creations.  It was a wonderful way to learn how to hand appliqué.

4.  This too was started in the late 1990s but after the Piece of Cake project.  For years I was making small quilts for my dear husband's home office.  Now I think this may be more appropriate for the hunting shack we are building.

5.  Started in 2010.  I started this English paper piecing project to bring along to softball/baseball games as I waited idly.  Found out I really didn't have much down time and have not gotten very far.  I have collected a bunch off fabric over the years.

6.  Started xxxx.  When driving back from Bill and Peg's cabin over New Years we stopped at the quilt shop in, I think, Jenkins, MN.  I also don't believe it is still there.  This just needs to be quilted.

Of course there are the 5 other quilts I have started in 2015 so those are in a different category, binding on a Prayers and Squares quilt, quilting a twin sized quilt for North Woods, a top ready to quilt for SMQ, piecing a top for Sarah, and, and a cut up lap size for North Woods.  Whew!

I will need to manage an old and a new at the same time.

It is fun for me to read the "Old Project List."  I have renamed this list as so many have been finished.    The new list is still in progress.  I will update these next time.

Time to go quilt!

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  1. Welcome back!! And good luck working through your UFO projects. I'll be looking forward to seeing how they progress.