Friday, October 8, 2010

Bump in the road

So last night I fired up the good ole mangle...

In order to press a couple of fabrics I had yardage of.  One being the backing for the Halloween quilt.

Now to my bump...This is truly just a little bump in the road.  One would almost classify it as mole hill sized and not even coming close to a speed bump.  Anyway, last night I was laying out the quilt, figuring out the backing when I came up about 3 inches short.  Urgh!!

Now I  must decide, do I:
  1. Piece the back and have multiple seams,
  2. Piece in a different fabric,
  3. Buy more of the same fabric,
  4. Buy completely different backing.
Oh the quandry.  I want to decide soon so I can get going on this.  It may be 80 today but pretty soon it will be chilly and I don't want to have a cold child!!

Stay tuned for the decision....

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