Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall UFO's

So today I'm offically joining the Fall UFO club on the Quilter group on Ravelry.  We post our UFO's (UnFinished Objects) and give updates as how they are coming.  Boy do I have a lot of them!

So here we go...

1.) This is my nephew's graduation quilt.  My sister did the tops and I am quilting it.  The left is the "top" and the right is the "back".  They're both pretty cool.

2.)  These are going to be Halloween Coasters, examples of finished ones are on the right.  Until yesterday  I wasn't sure as to what to do with these.  Now I'm giving them to my co-workers daughter.  She's a teacher and will use them in her class.  I'm anxious to find out how she uses them
3. )  This is my middle son's quilt.  He is 7.  He is fondly referred to as Baby B.  He is our ball boy.  He loves anything that deals with ball.  He is also very good at problem solving and puzzles.  Therefore, the puzzle patter with the sport fabric fits him perfectly.  This quilt is basted and ready to be quilted
4.)  This is my eldest son's quilt.  He is 7.  I'm making all my boys twin sized quilts for their beds.  We fondly call him Baby A.  Have since before he was born.  Anyway, Baby A picked a Halloween theme.  Am waiting on the backing, will then baste and quilt it.
5.)  This is going to be a tree skirt for us!  Let's see, we get our tree around Thanksgiving....So many projects so little time.
6.)  This is a the blocks from a Quilt-A-Long that was started last year.  I need to put these blocks together to make a top for the Prayers and Squares program at my church.

7.)  This is an applique quilt I started so long ago I'm surprised it's not falling apart!  I started it before kids and my eldest just turned 9.  It's time I at least get going on it again.
8.)  This is our wedding quilt.  Rather than having a guest book we had our guests sign the blocks.  I loved it at the time, not so much now.  I think I may go look for a different, more interesting border.  I'm sure it would be great to finish for our 15th anniversary in October of 2011.

I don't have photos of my next 2.  I was going to say last 2 but there are so many more!  I'll post pictures if I get a chance.

9.)  Napkins as hostess gift to my dear in-laws.  We are staying with them for Christmas so I need them done by December 22

10.)  All Hearts and Farm Animal blocks.  These are blocks that a group I was in did for me many years ago.

Well, that's about it for now.  Wow, daunting!

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