Sunday, November 8, 2015

Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-long Week 6

This was a tough week for me. The blocks this week were #1 Addie, #62 Milly, and #57 Margret.

I did Addie twice.  Here they are:

Being that Addie has such a large piece in the middle I wanted to use a fabric with a big print.  Starting with the top one, the center fabric was what started the whole color scheme.  I didn't want to use this same fabric in the outer point becuse I thought it would blend too much with the black.  Once I finished it I thought the inside fabric looked pieced rather than one piece of fabric.

So I did the bottom one.

With further review, I like them both.  Good thing I dont need to decide which one tp use for a while.

Now here's Milly.

I liked her right away.  I really wanted to use the grey fabric in this one.  Glad it worked out.

Finally, Margret...




Finally, #4

This block kept nagging at me.  The first one was way too busy.  Then changing the light to grey just didn't give it the impact I wanted.  The third one was still too busy.  Now I realized the problem was the dark fabric.  Changed the dark to a black batik and it was a hit!  I sure hope next week's blocks don't involve half square triangles!

My tip for this week.

I put 1/4" tape on a ruler outlining the size of the finished pice.  Then cut once you have it where you want it.

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