Monday, January 17, 2011

What a day

This evening I had a Prayers and Squares meeting and had a real nice time.  Prayers and Squares (from now on referred to as P&S) is a mission our church supports.  We make quilts with ties.  Then when there is a need, members of the church tie one of the ties and says a prayer for a person in need.  Tonight was my first time back in a long time.  Before I had a quilt meeting with another group on the 3rd Tuesday of the month and I didn't want to be gone 2 nights in a row so I suspended my participation in P&S.  We tied one of the quilts I had done.  When I returned home, I basted the edges and trimmed it up, all ready to sew on the binding.  So, where the heck is the binding.  I CANNOT FIND THE BINDING, UGHHHHH!!!!

In looking for the binding I found 2 more UFOs.  WOW, I have an endless number of projects.

Still haven't found that darn binding.

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