Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reorganizing- Then and Now

What it looks like when you walk in
Over the years I have tried to take pictures of my quilts and other projects.  I have been relatively consistent so it is fun to look through my photos.  Tonight I was looking through my picture of a particular one and realized that there is a gap in time in the photos.  Not a gap in the photos but a gap in time.  This time gap was after the boys were born and before our addition was finished.  I love my quilting room.  Since its addition not only has my project production increased but so has my spirits.  This room has become my oasis.  Others may certainly enter my oasis but I sure limit the stuff in there.  I can sure say that there are few if any toys.  I love that I pop in there and sew for as much or as little time that I want.  Today I was in there 4 or 5 different times.  I love that the kids can pop in when they want or need something.  Today Baby C and I played a bit of bouncy ball.  Reorganization of my quilt space was such a key to my life.

The design wall and mangle

Storage wall, thanks Ikea

Entrance, iron on left, thread on right
As for my Project I worked a bit on my baby quilt. (FYI, this is on the counter of the third picture.)

For the evening I decided to empty out part of my storage in search for the missing binding.  After removing and reorganizing a large portion of projects, I gave up.  I'm second guessing whether or not I even made the missing binding.  Either way, I am moving forward.  Finding another fabric that works, I made a binding and have sewn it on one side.  Just have to sew down that back and this will be done.  (FYI, this is on the plaid quilt on the table.)  I was waiting for the call that they needed the quilt right away, so glad it didn't come.

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