Saturday, January 8, 2011

December quilt

In December I finished a quilt for my oldest son.  He is 7.  Finished it on 12-31, still in time to count it for a Fall 2010 UFO project.

A brief history of this quilt, when we were on vacation in 2009 we stopped at a quilt store in Mitchell, SD, just down the road from the Corn Palace.  In this store Baby A found a charm pack of Halloween fabric so the decision was made, a Halloween themed quilt for him.  The pattern is similar to one that I saw at Fabric town.  Right now I don't recall that pattern specifically except for that fact it was a one round courthouse step and it was made out of Civil War reproduction fabrics.  I drafted it on wrapping paper at Dave and Tammy Abbott's house.  We were there for Labor Day and I was able to sneak away to go to the quilt shop.  It was nice to use the wrapping paper as it had the cutting lines on the back that I help with diagramming the pattern.  At first I was going to use all Halloween fabric but it was way too busy.  So I put it on point on my black design wall and it was a go from there.   Referring back to an earlier post from October 15th, I finally decided to buy more backing rather than piece it, and bought truly just barely enough.  I was afraid I would need to buy more!

Remember that charm pack that was the spring board for this quilt?  It was not used in the quilt.  The blocks ended up being 6" and of course that charm pack was 5".  With the charm squares I made coasters then gave them to Michelle, a teacher, who used them for her classroom Halloween party.

Now that I've caught you up to December 31st.  I'll let you know what's coming next, next time.

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