Saturday, January 15, 2011


Today's goal was to finish the backing of the first Prayers and Squares quilt.  This was to be a bit of a challenge as I needed to to put a cross on the back and I wasn't sure exactly how I would do this.  So I figured it out, did the cross and I was quite pleased.  After laying the top over the backing and the backing, I discovered the back was too small.  Oopsie-daisy.  Immediately I knew I had a few choices.  First, rip it out and do it all over again. Second, put a border like piece around the whole thing in the same color or in a different color.  Finally, cut down the top to fit the back.

I can tell you that cutting the top was the last of the options.  For a brief second I thought about ripping but then decided to to try the other option.  I found a coordinating fabric but wasn't to sure about that.  So I went to my reliable source, my Johnag.  His thought was to use the same fabric and add it all the way around. That is what I went with.

So that's how my simple project became an oopsie.  Not a big error, just a little bit of frustration.

Next is to get it tied then bound.  Tying will take place Monday night at church then to bind.

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